Mike Parkin

Mike has dedicated the last twenty five years of his working life to helping people create environments where they can learn and develop.

He  trained as a Textile Designer before following his passion for the outdoors and going to work as a Senior Instructor for Outward Bound in the UK and USA. After completing a BEd Hons Degree as a mature student, he then went into Education Development work, where he managed a Learning and Development Programme for young people who were failing in main stream education.

In 1985 he moved to Impact Development Training Group. He was heavily involved in the design and development of many of their innovative approaches to experiential learning. During the last six years of his tenure he helped establish and co-lead the Consulting Group, where he managed a team of highly experienced, professional consultants who were at the forefront of developing ideas to achieve people focused business results.

After eighteen years with Impact he decided he wanted to go back to working in a small organisation and has now become a Partner in 9.9. Mike has a wide range of experience and has worked with people from all levels of business. He likes to take a mid to long term approach, working closely with clients to build mutual trust and understand the unique challenges and issues people face within the wider context of their business environment.